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Our values


Quality Adventist Schools

What makes a school a school? Students - yes, buildings - sure, books and computers? When all is said and done a school is not a school without teachers.

Our values

Here at Gilson College we believe the main purpose of our team is to ensure that we provide teachers with all they need to produce excellent outcomes for their students.

This is why we were very excited when the Quality Adventist Schools Framework (QASF) was introduced this year. The QASF is the initiative of Adventist Schools Australia (ASA) and is ‘based on the world’s best school improvement practice and provides a process for schools to engage in the further strengthening of their professional learning cultures’.

The four domains on which the framework is based are: Adventist Identity; Learning & Teaching; Leading School Improvement; and Community Partnerships. These domains (or core building blocks) were agreed upon by over 100 Adventist educators across Australia who came together to create this document.

The framework provides a way for the school and its community to have greater ownership of and commitment to the success of the school.

The QAS Framework will:

  • Build a culture of improvement and excellence.
  • Provide a structure for school organisation, management and direction.
  • Create opportunities for ‘Professional Conversations’.
  • Focus on improving student outcomes.
  • Describe excellence and share best practice ideas.
  • Empower school leadership.
  • Give opportunities to celebrate progress and achievement.
  • Be evidence based to inform the school improvement plan.
  • Identify school’s resourcing needs.
  • Create evidence of meeting legislative requirements.
QAS 20 Components