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Early learning

Early Learning

at Gilson College

Our Early Learning Centre provides a Kindergarten program for children aged three to five years old, that is delivered within our long day care program. We focus on developing the whole child within a values-focused Christian environment. Throughout the year, the Centre regularly partners with the Primary school to facilitate a smooth school transition.

Some things your child will experience in our ELC program

Peaceful learning environment

Continuous education pathway from ELC – Year 12

Long day care (7:00am – 6:00pm)

Casual care options based on availability

Regular use of the Gilson College Campus

Genuine care and relationships with your family

Christian values-based program

Extra-curricular programs supported by Gilson College including music

Education Victoria accredited kindergarten program

Tailored program to best support each child’s next step to Primary School

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Your child gets top priority at Gilson College's Early Learning Centre. Our team of dedicated and qualified staff have a strong commitment to development in the early years and provide a high-quality kindergarten program in a long day care setting.
- Petesa Suisuiki | Centre Manager

Determine when is the best time to start ELC

When your child starts at ELC/kindergarten directly relates to the age they will start at primary school.

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