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Technology Facilities

Primary School

The Primary School is well resourced to assist student learning across all areas of the curriculum, using a variety of devices including iPads, computers, video digital devices and laptops.

Secondary School

The Secondary School also has access to desktop computers, sets of mobile computers and many access points for research. The Art complex has its own design studio, the Library is well resourced with computers, and the Design and Tech wing has its own theory room complete with computers and other digital technology.

The entire campus is wirelessly networked and monitored.

Sporting Facilities

The College is fortunate to have a considerable number of resources to facilitate both the teaching of sport as well as fostering a love of recreation. Five external basketball courts, two ovals and a large gymnasium ensure that our students have access to a variety of sport options.

Art Facilities

Both primary and secondary students have access to their own well-resourced art facilities. This includes pottery, film and digital photography, 2D and 3D artwork as well as water, acrylic and oil-based painting. The College also has developed a senior technology complex which includes: food and nutrition, industrial technology and textiles.