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Early Opportunities

Early Learning Centre Programs

at Gilson

Sharing a campus with our school means children enjoy more learning opportunities at a younger age, including Bible, music, science, art, sport, and library. When it’s time to graduate to Prep, we find our students enjoy an easier transition as they’re already familiar with the teachers and environment of primary school.


Early Play-Based Learning

The Gilson College Early Learning Centre is designed to encourage play-based learning. Activities and programs encourage each child’s imagination, curiosity and explorative nature. We believe by fostering a love of learning in a positive environment at an early age, your child will be more inspired to continue their lifelong journey of learning.

Early Steps to Prep

Every child in the Gilson College Early Learning Centre participates in the Steps to School program, designed to make the transition between Early Learning and school easier.

The program includes:

  • School-focused cognitive development – practising problem solving, small maths equations and ICT learning.
  • Classes at the Gilson College Library where children learn how the library works and have opportunities to be independent, learn about short stories and create their own version of the story at the end of the lesson.
  • Buddy program with Year 5
  • Weekly chaplain visits at the ELC
  • Involvement in school events: Our Early Learning students are regularly involved in whole-school events such as Cross country, book week, Week of Worship, Clean up Australia Day and many more.
  • Storypark
  • Incursions and Excursions